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imageMariscos Sinaloa "Great Restaurant. The best Seafood" -April 02, 2014 -

Really likes it - I love their food. Their seafood is fresh and it is cook with really good flavor. I work closeby and always...and I mean ALWAYS order from them to pick up or go to their place so I get to enjoy their delicious Michelada.Highly recommended!

Ruth Ripol

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NEW TIMES “The Best of Phoenix”   We have no illusions. Mariscos Sinaloa's blue vinyl booths and colorful, whimsical mural of sea creatures are not enough to fool us into thinking we're anywhere near the ocean.The seafood dishes, however, are beyond convincing. Not only do they look freshly caught... Learn more...

Mexican Recipes

RokMooMenuBasically, Mexican cuisine in addition to the varieties of seafood, is composed of corn and beans. Maize, Mexico's traditional staple grain, is consumed fresh on the cob, and as part of a series of dishes. Most corn, however, is used to make dough, a dough for tamales, tortillas, gorditas, and many other corn-based foods. Squash and peppers also play an important role in Mexican cuisine..Some tipical recipes here...

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Specialties 1

Seafood Mixed Rice

An excellent combination for the most demanding taste, for years this specialty has been chosen by our guests.  Just imagine yourself sitting by the seashore enjoying this dish, we are sure you wont forget about it.

Specialties 2

Shrimp Chicharron

It would be very difficult for you to find elsewhere or at least with such an exquisite taste that only our restaurant can bring to your taste.  Competition chefs visit us on a regular basis just to enjoy the great taste of Sinaloa.  Order this when you wish to make your day a special one!

Specialties 3

Rolled in Bacon shrimp Crab Stuffed

This is not a common dish.It is an example to the Sinaloa Kitchen. It is the pride of being born next to the sea and to be made a dish.Our chef comments that every guest sends a compliment every time they try this.Only for demanding tastes!

Specialties 4

Seafood Shishkabob

Mariscos Sinaloa is a name we've chosen for you to remember a place where seafood is the center of attention, if you try this plate, you wont remember any other seafood restaurant than Mariscos Sinaloa. The pride of our chef. The great experience of a great kitchen in a plate. Do not doubt it!